Friday, August 5, 2011

A busy week... A new company...

You'd think that being recently jobsingle would have allowed me to slow down for a few weeks and catch my breath. Well, turns out that is not the case. I just can't sit still. My mind has been buzzing for new possibilities. As a result of this focus, a really great business idea that satisfies all of my requirements for success has presented itself to me. After talking it through with a few people who also like the idea, I know it is a GO.

Thus, my buddy Jeff and I are in the process of creating a stealthy startup that is going to provide a useful service to a whole lot of people, in a market that is sorely lacking in technology and sophistication. Even better is that it starts with an area I know quite well and absolutely love... bicycles. We have an exciting name, a great domain, a solid plan, a clear set of requirements and are busy setting up the infrastructure to execute upon.

I love the idea of working for myself again. Why didn't I think of this sooner? ;-)

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