Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is website is a very interesting concept. I think a lot of people are still wondering how newspapers are going to survive in the long term. They clearly are suffering from a lack of a business model now that advertising in that medium has dried up. Spot.Us seems kind of on the right track in an attempt to do something really different that I think benefits everyone in the long run. It isn't immediately clear to me how much of the donated money an author gets, but I suspect it is as good or better than the newspapers pay. Oh and they are nonprofit and their source code (albeit Ruby, gag) is open source.

I am not affiliated with these guys at all. I just ran across their site and happen to approve of what they are doing.


DigiDave said...

Hey... thanks for the shout-out. I see you work at Did you come across the pitch we are trying to fundraise for on how the recession is hitting the sex industry?

Perhaps that's how you came across the site in the first place?

Totally agree: newspapers dying is a problem, but it's starting to look like they indeed will be slowly shrinking.

But on every donation, even just $5 helps.


DigiDave said...

Oh... almost forgot: 90% of the money goes to the reporter and 10% goes to a fact-check editor.

Which is to say: 100% of the money goes to the reporting.

Unknown said...

Hi DigiDave,

Thanks for the clarification on the percentage. I think that should be made much more clear on the website as I couldn't find that information anywhere. The fact that you are a nonprofit and 100% of the money goes to the story is so refreshing. Unlike every other news media outlet, It makes it clear there is no hidden agenda. People get a chance to put their dollars towards the stories they want to hear. I've never even considered a system like that. It is brilliant.

I found out about your site in a very strange way. One of the people working or associated to the project just subscribed to a mailing list of friends that I'm on. I tend to google-stalk everyone as I find the social areas of the internets fascinating and found your site through his blog.

With regards to the state of the adult industry, as far as I can tell, the only people who are hurting are the people who invested heavily in dvd sales. Exactly the same people half joking about wanting a bailout. Those people were generally clueless as to what was happening with regards to digital distribution of content in the same way the movie and music industries have had the same issues. People will always continue to pay for real sex because there isn't a real substitute for that. Maybe what is really happening is that the prostitution aspect has shifted to other avenues, just like online distribution destroyed dvd sales. The large whorehouses in Nevada aren't popular anymore, but something else must be.