Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google Webmaster Tools Hint of the Day

Just ran into this (unlucky) error...

Paths don't match
We've detected that you submitted your Sitemap using a URL path that doesn't include the www prefix (for instance, However, the URLs listed inside your Sitemap do use the www prefix (for instance,

I had to go and create 14 more entries for my works domains cause once an entry is created, it can't be modified. Thank you Google webmaster tools, I'm sure that doing the right thing would have been such a chore to code up.


Jeff Schnitzer said...

Hahahaha... how many times did I tell you that all domain names are to be normalized to and never, ever referred to as

Unknown said...

Well, in our code I did do that, but on google webmaster tools, I screwed up cause I didn't know it needed to be done there as well.