Monday, June 16, 2008

Rack and Bags

For my new bike, I just bought the Tour Master Cortech Saddlebag and the Turbo City Denali Rack. Those two links are the cheapest I could find on the net.

The racks came silver colored, so I spray painted them flat black in the basement of the armory. =)

The racks seem really sturdy and putting them on was pretty easy. Although, the instructions were pretty much worthless and I ended up with a bunch of extra bolts cause I was able to use some of the ones that were on the bike already. I think that if I did a really long trip, I'd need larger bags, but this will do just fine for around town. With the gf on the back and all our climbing gear on the rack and in the bags, I can finally flat foot the bike. =)


zannie said...

Have you checked your suspension? If you typically ride with all that weight, you'll want to adjust the suspension to be in the middle of its range with the bike fully loaded. Even if it's not typical for you to carry that much weight but you're going on a big trip with extra weight, you want to adjust the suspension for the trip. Flat-footing is nice, but not if it causes your suspension to bottom out. It's not just a comfort thing either; you need the suspension adjusted correctly in order to have maximum control of the bike.

Unknown said...

The seat height is 35" and I can barely touch the ground with tip toes. With all the weight as described, it lowers the bike about 2-3" and I'm not 100% fully flat foot either. The bike still feels like it has quite a bit more travel in the suspension. I'll still get the suspension checked out though. Maybe I need a stiffer spring or some sort of adjustment.

zannie said...

Stiffer springs are an option if you need them, but probably it can just be adjusted. (I'd offer to help if I knew how, but I don't.)

It is also possible to lower the seat height, if you want to. One way involves shaving some of the padding out of the seat. Another way involves a lowering kit to make the whole bike sit lower relative to the wheels. I don't know much about them, but you might look into it.

Unknown said...

Yea, I've already got a Suzuki DRZ gel seat on backorder. It is about 1.5" lower which will still be tall, but much better and more comfy.