Friday, March 28, 2008

My first LinkedIn spam friend request

Looks like Joy Adams was able to hack their account creation system (looks like that account has now been removed so the link is bad now) and start sending friend requests to random people. The real problem with this is that there is no way to "report this user." If I start receiving a ton of invitation requests from clearly fake users I will have to stop using LinkedIn. It will have gone the way of pretty much every other social network out there.


Kay said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for letting us know about this. Joy's account is being investigated. If you get an inappropriate invite, click on the "I don't know this person" or "Flag as spam" link and it will notify us so that we can take action if needed.


Unknown said...

Sorry, but looking at the invite now, I do not see a place to click either of those options. Maybe it is because that user has been removed?

Regardless, what I'm bringing up is the larger issue which is that people are able to create crap accounts and spam me. I'm not sure how you solve the problem, but I can imagine a system where one cannot send out invites until someone else has already friended them. Creating a chain of trust is crucial and helps validate the value of your social network site.

Leon Atkinson said...

Hey, don't lump all social networks together. I never get sprequests (see what I did there--spam+request) on my Orkut account.

Unknown said...

Kay, your "loved" and belonged Linkedln seems more like a newest marketing spam rather than a social community network.
I did get invitations from people in my mail box list who "NEVER" did invite me to join Linkedln!
Kay... the only way Linkedln can get people's e-mail contacts is by buying from a another spamming company or by randomly stealing contacts!
Linkedln is already labeled as SPAM in my mail service.
You and all spammers are SUCKERS!

-- said...

I received spam today providing offers for adult websites.

The "I don't know this person" and "Flag as spam" links only appear on the invitation on, not in the email notification.