Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've finally decided to take a motorcycle class and learn how to ride! I'm signed up for the beginning of April. This is something that I have wanted to do for many years now, but for whatever reason, I just haven't made the effort to do it. I spent many years racing bicycles so I know that I feel really comfortable on two wheels, but for some reason having an engine between my legs really scares the shit out of me (and excites me at the same time). It is probably good that I have waited till I mellowed out a bit and gained more of a respect for speed.

What sort of bike do I want? Well, it turns out that I'm not very tall (5'7") so unfortunately my options are pretty limited. So far, I'm leaning towards a Ducati Monster 695. Being a first bike that, I'll probably try to get a used one. Also, I just don't like the styling of the 696 as much. Ideally, I would get the Hypermotard 1100 S, but I don't have the $15k to spend on something that nice. Plus, as a first bike, I think I would probably end up killing myself pretty quickly on that thing. It looks so much fun to ride!

I also just got my rollers back so I'm going to practice my balance skills again before I take the class. Plus, they are a great form of exercise and will probably help a bit with my current passion, rock climbing.

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