Sunday, December 23, 2007

Howto make more space for applications on your iPhone

I have a 4gb hacked iPhone running 1.1.2 and I recently ran out of space on the root partition after having installed a bunch of nifty little applications.

So, to make more space on your iPhone for more applications, you need to do this:

#1. Edit /etc/fstab and remove the ",noexec" part. Reboot.
#2. mkdir /var/root/Applications
#3. ln -s /var/root/Applications /Widgets

Editing the fstab is the key here. Otherwise, applications won't be able to run off of the /var partition.

The /Widgets directory is a special directory that the iPhone can use to locate installed applications. Linking it to /var/root puts it on the larger disk partition and in your root home directory. Then to move an application from /Applications to /Widgets, just type:

mv /Applications/ /Widgets/

Now, restart Springboard or your phone and the application should run without problems.

I suspect you can also just symlink /Applications to /var/root/Applications, but I didn't feel like experimenting and I'd rather just manually move applications to /Widgets.

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