Monday, November 12, 2007

San Francisco Oil Spill

Lynne and I went for a walk along sunset beach today. It was a gorgeous day out. Sunny and not windy at all. When we got to the beach, we noticed a bunch of signs saying the water wasn't safe, etc. We weren't even thinking about the big oil spill in the bay this last week. Having never been near an oil spill of this magnitude, I had no idea of what kind of damage it really does.

We started walking down the beach and noticed very few people with plastic bags digging little bits of sand up. We looked down as we walked and started noticing all the little black dots *everywhere*. Actually, they aren't that little. A lot of them are the size of quarters and you just can't miss them. After walking for a bit more, we decided to start to pick up a few small bits and it became infectious. We stayed for over an hour and filled up a plastic bag full of sandy oil that we got from one of the other 'cleaners'.

After over an hour of musing about how depressed we were that the beach has been mucked up, we dropped the plastic bag in a pile of about 50 other even larger plastic bags. The beach is such a mess! The oil is this nasty sticky smelly stuff. If you haven't been to the beach, you need to go as soon as possible to help clean up. I plan on trying to get down there a few more times this week before sunset.

The company behind this spill really isn't doing enough to clean up these beaches. There should be people being paid 24/7 to work on this. We didn't see a single person there that was clearly working to clean up the beach. It was all volunteers. Its really sad.

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