Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wish I was there.

I used to own a night club that was at 11th and Folsom. The Folsom Street Fair was always a good time. One year, we had a giant 20 foot penis shaped out of balloons attached to the front of the club. Too bad the insanely boring and prudish people who wrote this article weren't there to see it. I wonder how many young boys Peter LaBarbera has slept with. You know there has to be a scandal there somewhere.
The following were witnessed and filmed by these Americans For Truth observers at the Folsom Street Fair yesterday — with no arrests or police action taken despite their occurrence on crowded public city streets:

* (Mostly older) men walking down the street completely naked, and posing for photos;
* Men masturbating themselves in public, sometimes with a crowd gathering to watch;
* Male group orgies in which men masturbated other men, or stimulated them orally (fellatio) on the streets as hundreds of people either watched or passed by;
* Men and women whipping and beating each other with floggers, causing red welts;
* “Master-slave” couples, both heterosexual and homosexual;
* Women walking with their breasts exposed;
* Fetishists such as “pony-play” (people dressed as horses) and “puppy play” (people dressed as dogs);
* People posing for pictures with public exhibitionists
Here is the other article the AFT published... with pictures!

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