Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kaptcha 2.0

I recently updated one of the Java open source projects that I started. Its called Kaptcha. This project is used to create those images that you have to type in the code in order to create accounts, post to blogs, and whatnot. Its a very useful bit of code and Kaptcha makes it easy to integrate into your web application. This update cleans up the code a bit and adds a bunch of documentation.


Unknown said...

Some month ago I use this api to implement simple captcha.

The documentation is very helpfull and I spent two days to implement code in my application. Now the customer ask to me if is possible to add audio captcha but I don't find any documentation about this. It's possible to use your api for this implementation?

Unknown said...

Not with this solution. If you want audio, I suggest you go with the recaptcha project instead.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your help, I'll try to use recaptcha project instead.