Friday, January 17, 2014

How to get to the Marieta islands

On our recent trip to Sayulita, our friends recommended we check out the Marieta islands for the amazing hidden beach that you have to swim into.  Unfortunately, we were there during a busy time of year and all of the chartered boats companies in Sayulita were sold out.  It is actually a good thing because it turns out they tend to oversell their boats and pack people into them. Also, Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta are pretty far from the islands. That's a whole day trip right there.  Asking Google for directions only just came up with these commercial companies, we thought we weren't going to get to go.

So, instead of playing that game, we drove to the small town of Punta Mita, which is the closest town to the islands.  We had a good lunch at one of the local places and then started walking down the main strip.  Within 5 minutes someone approached us and offered to take us out on a private tour for a decent rate.  I'm sure the price was somewhat inflated for the gringos, but whatever, we had the whole boat to ourselves and it wasn't going to take all day.

On the way out to the islands, we saw a bunch of humpback whales... the guy who offered the boat up gave a money back guarantee that we'd see whales. I guess we were paying for sure now.

Once we were at the island, they anchored the boat, we jumped in the water swam through the cave to the beach in and we hung out for a while on the sand and people watched.  After we swam back to the boat, we drove around the entire island, saw another cave (no beach) and got sprayed by swells hitting the rocks.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any more whales on the way back as the day was pretty much over.  That said, it was an excellent adventure and I'm really glad how it all worked out.

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Lynne Nardizzi, MSW said...

You forgot to mention my excellent swimming skills that got us to the island.