Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After all these years, I still write Java code...

I wish I had another hand so I could give Scala three thumbs down!

"New languages are indubitably exciting to learn and play with, and everyone is interested in improving upon what we already have. Sometimes it appears that languages like Scala or Clojure or Ceylon are the fix that the Java ecosystem needs to improve productivity and obtain that linear scalability that simply doesn't exist with traditionally written Java applications. But the fact is, Java, despite some misgivings, is a well thought out language that is both powerful and consistent, making it easy to learn, and more importantly, easy to maintain. Sure, new systems will appear that will try to knock the crown off the Java language, but for now, the want-to-be emperors of the JVM are increasingly being shown to be wearing no clothes."

Pretty much exactly how I've felt all along.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, right.
I think that a significant role in Java's decline (referred to as the new Cobol these days) is Oracle itself.

It has recently beautifully demonstrated which emperor lacks the clothing :)


Java developer from Croatia, who likes Scala, Clojure and recently JavaScript.