Monday, January 16, 2012 is a spammer

I've kept up with all the recent HackerNew articles on GitHire. They seemed like a rather interesting service because I believe that hosting your projects on a site like GitHub, is the best kind of resume a software engineer can have.

That is, until they just spammed me with a whole list of completely random and unrelated jobs. I could understand it if I signed up to their site and requested spam (aka: LinkedIn), but I'm definitely not interested as I'm in the middle of starting my own company!

After checking out their site, I realized they've also got a profile up for me that I had no hand in creating, nor desire having. Apologies if that link stops working, hopefully they will remove my information soon. Maybe I should be pissed that I'm only in their Top 50%? ;-)

Since I wanted to remove myself, I clicked the "Opt out of Githire" link, which then takes me to a page on Github to authorize their application?!?

Hell no, I'm not going to authorize your application, just so I can opt out of your website. That is wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, I cc'd [email protected] on my response to 'Steve', so hopefully they will be going away soon. I can't see how GitHub is allowing this company to exist, when they so clearly violate their terms of service policy.


Luis Toubes said...

Actually, Today, I received same email with exactly same content.

We can label them as spammers right away!

redrory said...

I did the same exact thing.
Decided to check it out, then wanted to "Opt out" only to be greeted with the GitHub Sign In Page.

No thank you

Arielle P said...

When I opted out, an error stopped me from doing so. FYI, current projects are not updated on githire either.

Unknown said...

@Arielle, that is because Github locked their application's access. Githire is deadmeat.