Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round 3

In prior blog posts, I talked about trying to get faster DSL service from ATT and that being a whole lot of fail. Well, in an effort to bang my head against the wall one more time, I recently received an email from my current provider ( about their new Fusion Broadband service that runs with ADSL2+. It is finally available in my neighborhood.

I can get a max of 6/1 Mbps for $45 a month plus a $49.95 fee for the new modem. The best part is that I will finally be able to turn off the $15 a month extortion I give ATT to have a phone line that I don't use at all.

So, of course I signed up. It will take 20+ days for it all to come together. We shall see how things go. My guess is that it will be more fail. Sigh.

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