Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Adventure

My friends Jeff, Scott and I started a mailing list for a group of people who are into adventure. We call the list 8lives with the thought that we are already living 1 life and have 8 more to go. So far, a lot of the adventure revolves around motorcycles, rock climbing, keeping track of technology to aid us in adventures and local places to explore. With that said, I'm about to embark on an 8lives adventure that I'm really looking forward to.

Myself and three other people are going to take our motorcycles on a two week trip from San Francisco down to the southern end of Baja. Take a ferry across to mainland Mexico and then heard north back up home. A few of the nights we will be camping and the rest staying in small hotels. We are expecting to ride somewhere between 2500 and 3000 miles. The other fun fact is that we plan to spend as much time in Baja on dirt roads as possible.

Motorcycles are new to me. I'm 2500 miles into a nearly year old motorcycle. I currently ride the bike to and from work pretty much 5 days a week. I spent a good portion of my teenage years racing bicycles. I feel like I have pretty good skills on two wheels. However, I have quickly realized that things like cornering with 300lbs below you is handled completely different than on a 20lb bicycle. Dirt tends to be a bit more tricky as well. It takes a lot more concentration and skill to stay up. I fully expect that I'll drop the bike a few times on the dirt this trip. I'm actually looking forward to it. Good learning experience.

Part of what makes me comfortable taking this trip is that Jeff just got back from a year long 22k mile adventure from SF to Panama and back. He definitely has the experience to lead a trip like this. While I know he is nuts in terms of the routes that sound interesting to him. I'm definitely up for some adventure and really actually look forward to seeing what sort of crazy situations we can get into.

We leave April 3rd. I've been making tons of changes to the bike to improve the comfort and safety of it, bought tons of gear and otherwise preparing for this trip for about a month now. With only a couple weeks left to go, I'm feeling like things are really starting to take shape. I plan to blog about the trip and can't wait to get going.

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dBug said...

That sounds fucking awesome! Have a great time. You gonna blog from the road or share your adventures upon your return?