Thursday, February 26, 2009

Newspapers, as we know them, need to die

If the New York Times shut down their presses and bought everyone a Kindle, they would actually end up saving money. Brilliant.

People really need to move on from dead trees and get their information online. I love how a lot of the comments in the article are of the form "what would I use to soak up the dog piss or keep the door propped open?" That is exactly why newspapers need to die. It is such a waste of energy to produce something that just ends up in landfill. Advertisements could also be shown on the Kindle so that argument doesn't fly either.

Update: Hearst to launch a wireless e-reader


Joerg said...

Sorry, but now I gotta kick you in the nuts, man ;-)

Do you know how many newspapers you can buy, until you created so much waste that it equals the waste that was necessary to build + deliver a "kindle"...?

Unknown said...

I thought about that. I think that in the long run the Kindle will win that argument. It is also recyclable (and if it isn't, it or another similar product could be). It is also usable for more than just newspapers. Books, magazines, etc. can all be delivered on it (we just need a color one which I'd bet they are already working on).