Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The security of our information.

It dawned on me that I spend more time on my cell phone talking to people I don't know than I do. I usually end up txt msg'ing The Girl Friend because it is faster and easier than looking up her number, dialing and waiting for her to answer. Generally these strangers, who I will most likely never meet in person, are all call center workers. They are located all around the world. Have you ever accidently run into someone who handles your account? Bonus points if you aren't in your country of origin. Call center workers are extremely important and powerful people, yet probably have to smile in the face of a lot of constant verbal abuse. Why? They handle our accounts and we are usually only calling because there is a problem of some sort. They know my social security number, bank account numbers and balances, credit card numbers, home address, phone number (obviously), mothers maiden name, name of my first pet. Etc. Scared yet? I am a bit. I know that identity theft is a huge problem. I'm surprised it doesn't seem to happen more often from the inside. I bet that this type of theft will probably only grow as the economy weakens and the desperation for easy (doesn't take guns) money increases. So, that begs the question, how come more people are not working on seriously making a more secure system? It seems like the banks and credit card companies would spend a lot of money making this a priority cause it is probably costing them the most (as a business) out of anyone. I think it will take someone with huge influence to step up and tell these companies to figure something out and get everyone to agree on a single standard that is implemented within the next year. Crazy timeframe? Well, you have to pick a date and you might as well do whatever it takes to make it work. If anyone is working on this problem, I'm interested in seeing what you have done.

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