Sunday, January 4, 2009


The gf and I have been browsing around for a house. We can't afford anything yet, but we figured we might as well start spending a few hours on Sunday checking things out that might be in our price range sometime in the future, if we are lucky. I'm going to start blogging a few lines each about the different places we are looking at.

2458 19th Ave, San Francisco

Nice place if it wasn't on 19th (loud), had a tiny backyard and didn't need a lot of upgrades.

319 Rome St, San Francisco

This is actually a kind of cute little neighborhood that we hadn't yet explored places in. The backyard definitely needs some work. Kind of a cute place upstairs. Creepy downstairs. The rooms are basically built out boxes in the garage. The ceilings are typically very low and the rooms are very dark. One room just had a window into the garage!? Who the hell lives like that in a $650k house?

1301 Kansas St, San Francisco

A dump next to a freeway and a stones throw from the hardcore projects. The house actually has a lot of character and a few nice features, probably because there is still a ton of the old owners junk in it, but woah, needs a lot of work.

Other than that, the market seems kind of eerily dry right now. I think a lot of the places that should be on the market right after new years just aren't being put up because buyers are waiting for the lower interest rates and the sellers don't want to appear like they are sitting on the market for a while.

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