Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eclipse + Subversion

Dear Internets, why doesn't Eclipse include the Subversion plugin as part of the distribution?


David Carver said...

It is included in the Ganymede download site. It does require going to an external site to get either SVNKit or JavaHL for the complete support. This is due to IP concerns with both SVNKit and JavaHL, mainly due to the licensing of both of these items.

Unknown said...

yeah. I never got why it is not part of the vanilla, straightforward IDE

Unknown said...

@David: SVNKit is a bsd license. JavaHL is under the subversion license (also bsd). I don't understand what the concern is.

svn should be listed right next to cvs here:


David Carver said...

SVNKit licenses aren't compatible with the EPL, all of the items hosted at eclipse need to be EPL friendly. Is Dual licensed and open source non-commercial license, and seperate licenses for commercial use. It is this disparity that is the issue.


The issue with JavaHL is more of a grey legal area and I believe there are pedigree issues...it's a mess, and bogged down by lawyers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info David. Totally lame reason though. I wonder why SVNKit doesn't work with the eclipse foundation to come up with an acceptable use license?

David Carver said...

Yeah, some of the legal greyness is trying to be addressed by the Eclipse Board. Eclipse tends to be very conservative when it comes to ip cleanliness, especially since it's commercial adopters depend on eclipse code and supporting libraries to be ip clean.

Apache Foundation has not allowed code or libraries to be redistributed with apache projects for similar reasons. i.e. XMLBeans not allowed to distribute Saxon.