Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Big Three (Losers)

I'm sorry for the people who will lose their jobs as a result of the total fuckups that have happened at the big three automotive companies. But, I do have to say that this is a long time coming and it is only going to get worse. I also have no desire to bail these companies out.

This CNN article asks some hard questions and instead of answering them truthfully with some semblance of humility, Ford Motor Company chief executive Alan Mulally defends his companies total disregard for the environment and the current economic situation that they helped create. To say that you have been concerned with fuel efficiency from day one is a total lie, otherwise you would have actually delivered on your words or even better, been in a position to not need to be bailed out with my hard earned tax dollars.

I say that it is time to fire this guy and put someone with some real concern for the environment (first) and economy (second) into his position.

Update: One down.

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