Monday, October 6, 2008

slashdot news in your inbox

For the last 8 years or so, I've been receiving slashdot's news articles directly in my inbox thanks to a little perl script that Brian Behlendorf wrote. The script is a kind of retro coolness. It grabs the /. rss feed, downloads each article and processes it with the lynx browser to produce nicely formatted output with clickable links.

This has the advantage over straight RSS in the following ways: a) I like the articles in my inbox. I've got a nice searchable archive of /. with tens of thousands of emails. b) The RSS feeds don't include the links that are in the articles so you have to go to the /. site to actually get to the referenced material. c) I dislike the formatting of the /. site.

So, recently, the script broke due to a parsing change on the /. site and Brian no longer wants to maintain the script and list of subscribers. Thus, I volunteered. It was a fairly simple fix and I setup a mailing list using nice open source SubEtha Mail mailing list server that I helped write. It is all hosted at a well connected colo on my friend Jeff 's box.

Anyway, I'm posting here cause I figure others might be interested in this script. If you would like to subscribe to get the emails, go here.

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