Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Real Joe

No wonder McCain mentioned his name so many times. It was a total staged event and he was cashing in on his investment! Fucking pathetic.


Unknown said...

All may be true, though, Obama did come to his neighborhood, so it couldn't of been staged.

In Marin County California where I live and plumb I don't need a license because I work for a plumbing contractor who has a license, some states differ but this may make little difference in reality as a lot of contractors are employing illegals to work there jobs at much less than union rates. And don't get me started about the San Francisco Chronicle and how most of the people there don't think to highly of us in the working class.

Attacking "joe the plumber" for using his middle name (I know at least 4 people who do) for his first name, or his tax status is scary. If a leader comes to my neighborhood and I ask him a question that doesn't play well in the media and I get punished for it, that's scary, no matter what your political views are; I mean that's China and Russia.

I hope your right about Obama, I didn't care for Bush much, but it seems like even before he is sitting in the office his "administration" is already taking revenge and attacking anyone that doesn't agree with him. I hope we don't go back to the days of Clinton where if you spoke against him in a harmful way that you'll automatically get 10 years of IRS audits.

Obama has a chance to do something great, but he also has the opportunity to be 1000x worse than Bush with the Media applauding him all the way.

His recent actions have giving me pause to thing we (the USA population) just made a big mistake.
I hope very much this is not the case.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

Insightful comment. thanks!