Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a dreamhost'er

In an effort to simplify my life, better the world and add some redundancy to my setup, I've recently done two things with regards to my usage of computers. First off, I got rid of my home backup server and purchased a Drobo. Not only does this give me a massive amount of mirrored storage, but I get to turn off an old G4 500mhz box that I was using strictly to backup the laptops and my private server at home.

Second, after a recommendation from a friend, I have bitten the bullet and signed up for a dreamhost.com account. The part that pushed me over the edge is that they are having a special offer with lifetime unlimited diskspace and unlimited bandwidth. I purchased a year subscription to try it out and used the Promo50 $50 discount code. Total price for a year $69.40. The benefit here is that I will be able to migrate all of my email, websites and domain names off of my home server (an old G4 dual 500mhz) and be able to turn that off as well. I can then mirror the entire contents of my Drobo up to dreamhost as an additional offsite backup.

I estimate that the yearly power savings alone will pay for this service, but I will also be able to sell off the two servers and the money from that can go towards the hosting. I really welcome not having to manage these services any longer. It was fun for the last 15 years, but I'm over it now.

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