Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh! Now *this* is interesting...

It is in the news just now that NASA Administrator Mike Griffin 'accidentally' leaked a very interesting emailed memo, that only eight people were on the list for, right before the presidential election. Not only does he talk about a 'jihad' of Shuttle program (notice that I do not qualify with a 'the'), but he also suggests that the new administration could reverse course and suddenly continue to fund Shuttle program as well as continue on schedule with Orion program. I wonder which new administration might do that? =) I also love the part where he declares short of war that we would never do anything to sabotage the ISS if the Russians did not allow us access to the ISS. That either just saved us from a nasty situation down the line, or hurt us if the Russians think we are bluffing by even mentioning it. Ouch!

I just watched the most excellent pilot of Fringe. I highly recommend. It is such a good combination of Silence of the Lambs + Twilight zone + X-Files + Altered States. So, maybe I'm being a bit more conspiracy theorist than normal.

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