Monday, August 18, 2008

Y Combinator Startup Ideas

My comments on this list.
  1. I don't have a good answer.
  2. Flock , BlackTop
  3. NewsTrust
  4. IT won't ever go away.
  5. JBoss
  6. Will always be custom.
  7. An enterprise porn affiliate tracking system. The existing solutions suck.
  8. Very interesting to me.
  9. Flickr (the only 'web company' I give money to... happily.)
  10. Yawn
  11. Yawn
  12. We need more creative people.
  13. Interesting, but schools are difficult to work with.
  14. Interesting idea, but it is more about combating politics than measuring anything.
  15. Nice, but a huge initial investment.
  16. Google won, get over it.
  17. VERY interesting to me. I've got an idea in this area, but I don't know the solution for it yet. =(
  18. Yawn.
  19. Yawn.
  20. Yelp
  21. Mint
  22. Yawn, too specific.
  23. I agree, Wikipedia is almost impossible to put new content into.
  24. I hate extortionists, don't you?
  25. Yea, I've had no luck selling stuff on CL recently. It is full of too much crap.
  26. Too much competition.
  27. Huh?
  28. I like gmail, sure it has some warts, but it works well enough for me and I like the freedom it gives me.
  29. Yawn
  30. Sales pitch.

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Unknown said...

Great SVN product on Google Code. Many thanks. Cannot find a contact email.

dan.bucholtz at g mail dot com