Friday, July 25, 2008

Review: Costa Rica Garmin GPS Map

For my recent trip to Costa Rica, I purchased the $19.95 map from a guy named Aaron who sells "the most comprehensive GPS map available at such an affordable price." Maybe I'm just expecting too much from a $20 map, but I really feel like I did not get my monies worth. First off, the map that I downloaded wasn't the 1.2 version which was promised on the website. It was the older 1.1 version. I emailed Aaron and he told me he would send me the updated map after I got back from my trip!? Second, once I was on my trip, the map was full of inaccurate data and a good portion of the places I went to were not even on the map! This included large chunks of the major highways which I would have at least expected to be on there. So, a day after I got back, Aaron kept his word and sent me the latest 1.2 version of the map. I responded with my disappointment and Aaron offered to refund 50% of the purchase price.

Update: Aaron has commented on this posting saying that he has updated the map significantly since my posting (he is at v1.7 now) and that it is much better now. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it is better than other options out there.


thebaablogger said...

...good thing your girlfriend is good with directions.

Kim Sinacola said...

I don't see the button where I can actually kick you in the nuts. (?)

I'm checking out CR GPS maps so thanks for posting the review.


Michael said...

That must be the old maps. Because I know they have know personally driven Costa Rica from Nicaragua to Panama. I used this same updated map to my trip to Costa Rica two weeks ago. I was amazing. No other map allowed me to route from Malpais to Tamarindo. I drove the back roads through jungles, rivers and beaches. You should give it a try again. I also drove from Jaco to Panama. The map was especially useful on the Osa Peninsula. The new improved map can be found at


Jon Scott Stevens said...

Good to know that the author has made improvements since the v1.1 version that I was using. Thanks.

Michael said...

No problem... I know he also has expanded his map catalog. I also took a trip to South Africa. I used his South Africa Map. For the prices he can't beat it. Nice site by the way.

aaron said...


Sorry about the trouble with the original map of Costa Rica. I remember your case and sorry I couldn't get it resolved in time for your trip.

Since version 1.2, we have updated more than 500 miles of roads in Costa Rica with better accuracy, added more than 6,000 points of interest to the map and improved the topographic detail throughout the entire country. In the coming months we will have a routable (turn-by-turn directions) verison of the map available for users as an option.

The map has improved a lot over the subsequent year and is a bargain compared to the car rental maps and other offerings on the market currently. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Jon Scott Stevens said...

Thanks for the update Aaron. If I head back to CR, I'll consider purchasing your map again. I'd rather give you money than the car rental places for sure!

aaron said...


If you go again, send me an email and I'll send you the updated map for free. We are updating every month or two, so it is constantly improving.

Thanks again for the support.


Mike said...

Can you place an update above your blog post (I see you have one below it) that the GPS map has been updated since you have used it -(v1.7 ... we are now on v3.1 at this point). We have had many customers state that we have bad reviews on our GPS map due to this blog post. I would appreciate the help. If you would like a copy of version 3.1 then please email Michael (I am the co-owner) at [email protected]

Thank You,
Costa Rica GPS Map for Garmin

Jon Scott Stevens said...

There is an update where it says that it has been updated.