Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vuze Friend Sharing Feature

From the Vuze blog:
What is “Friends”?
In case you haven’t already discovered “Friends”, it is a new feature that makes it really easy to share your favorite torrents with friends. All you have to do is to become “Friends” on Vuze and then you can share any torrent with them, without ever leaving the application.
This is probably one of the most important features that has been added to Vuze. Add your friends and now you have your own private tracker without actually having to run a tracker. In addition, your friends automatically get higher priority over other people who are leeching off of you. I've wanted to see a feature like this for a while now because I generally trust my friends taste and the social networking aspects of a BT network is too hard to ignore. I'm 'lookfirst' if you would like to add me.

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