Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Hands

I've recently added myself to and as a result, I have been reading it as well. It has been fun catching up on what all my peers are talking about. I've been so out of the loop for a while and I think that instead of spending time flaming each other on mailing lists, we have all started blogging a lot more interesting content.

During my catching up, I just saw that my old friend James Duncan Davidson took this most excellent picture of a crowd of people responding to a speakers question at a Ruby conference.

For me, it is an interesting picture because of the way that perspective changes peoples opinion. For example, James sees an excellently executed photograph, which I can't disagree with at all. James takes great pictures. However, for myself, I see a bunch of guys raising their hands when a speaker asks them "Who all here thinks Rails is no better than Java 1997?"

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