Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review: Eye-Fi Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Card

I recently purchased an Eye-Fi Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Card for my camera. I love it! Previously my workflow was that I would plug my camera into my laptop, download the images using iPhoto and the use the Flickr Export Plugin to upload them to my Flickr account. What a pain in the ass. Not only did it waste disk space on my laptop, but it was just too complicated to manage.

Now, I never have to plug my camera into my computer anymore. I just leave the camera on while at home and the images wirelessly transfer to my Flickr account. I can even use the Eye-Fi manager to watch the files being uploaded. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that the Eye-Fi Manager stores a small thumbnail of your images on the Eye-Fi servers and there is no way to clear your images off their servers. So, if you take some naked pictures of your girlfriend, you might want to switch back to a regular card.

Update: Eye-Fi fixes their system to allow you to go straight to iPhoto. Not really sure if this is a good thing for me or not. I'd rather skip iPhoto all together and just go straight to Flickr.

I bought mine from Amazon. You can click the link below to get yours!

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