Saturday, January 19, 2008

[JOB] is hiring!

Dear Readers, is looking to expand our IT department with 7 new positions. 4 of those are software engineers (preferably Java). We are very profitable, growing the company like mad and need talented folks to work on really interesting and fun projects.

The company is great to work for, pays well, 401k, health benefits, 30" apple monitors, new fast computers, lots of free lunches, all the porn you want (not safe for work, NSFW, doesn't apply for us), etc. I'll even argue that we have the best reputation in the industry for how we treat everyone who works for us (check out the videos on our news site We also just moved our offices into a massive historical building right in the heart of San Francisco 5 minutes from the 16th St. BART station called the Armory (

A real benefit to working here is that you will be able to put on your resume that you have worked on some of the most cutting edge web technologies out there for very high traffic sites (CDN's, J2EE, Hibernate, EJB3, HD-video, etc). We have built and deployed a brand new Java based platform for all of our sites that has a well written build system, great overall design, unit tests (cruisecontrol), security, etc. It is a really fun and interesting engineering environment to work in with a lot of technical challenges.

I'll be honest, we are having a really hard time finding talented individuals because of the nature of the business. Sadly, some people feel they can't tell their family or they worry it will tarnish their resume. We are working on ways around that issue by forming sister a company that isn't related to porn that you can use on your resume and tell your family about.

If you know anyone who might be interested in working at, please forward this message to them and send them my way as soon as possible. There are two job postings on the website right now for the Java engineers and more will be posted soon I'm sure. Sorry, no telecommuting.

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Unknown said...

Interesting post. I just sent my resume in. The videos suggest that there is a really great working atmosphere. It intrigues me a lot.

And, yes, I do have second thoughts about what the family thinks. While Peter's vision of making people become more comfortable with their sexuality and kink is really noble and inspiring, I am not sure that my dad would get during this lifetime.

How does your family react to the nature of your employer?