Saturday, October 27, 2007

SubEtha SMTP 2.0 Released

Thanks to a contribution from Edouard De Oliveira, SubEtha SMTP now has support for new IO (NIO). This was done by redoing the networking layer to use Apache Mina. This makes SubEtha SMTP the easiest to use and fastest receptive SMTP components ever developed.

If you ever have a need to unit test the emails you send out from a web app or even have a web app receive emails, this is the right solution for you. I can also envision building a far better implementation of spamassassin on top of this product.

This is a proud day for me. This a really cool piece of software that I helped develop. In addition, it really shows that open source development models work. Receiving a wonderful contribution of code from someone I have never met is simply amazing. It is really neat that I can put something out for the world to enjoy and other people come and help improve it as a team effort.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this great work ! :)