Monday, October 1, 2007

Gear Review: New England Glider Bi-Pattern 10.2mm x 60m Dry Rope

I recently purchased this New England Glider 10.2mm rope. It was purchased to replace my first rope that after about two years of climbing on it was starting to look a bit frayed. Over the last few years, I have developed a better sense for the type of rope I was looking for. After a lot of research, I had narrowed down my choices to this rope and another rope. I was looking for a rope which was lightweight (3.96 kilograms), decent number of UIAA falls (10), 60m, 10.2mm, dry treated and bi-color. This rope fit the match perfectly except that it has a higher impact force (9.8kN) than I thought I wanted. I generally like soft landings.

Now, after using the rope for about a month now, I realize that I really like having a low dynamic elongation. The rope almost feels like it is not very springy at all when belaying someone. However, taking falls on it are still comfortable and not jarring at all. The sheath is comfortable to use and lowering someone off belay does not result in quickly burnt hands.

I give this rope a two thumbs up recommendation.

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