Monday, October 22, 2007

BlogRush: stupid business model

I had been trying out the BlogRush widget on my blog until today when I got an email from them saying that my blog was not good enough for them and they made my account inactive.

What they do not realize is that the internet is not based on exclusivity. Sure, I can understand that they do not want their system used by spammers or porn pushers. But in my case, I'm just a regular blogger who talks about whatever is on my mind now. That should be the perfect blog for them which makes me think that their review process is severely broken. If their review process is broken, then their entire business model is broken.

That said, now you get a negative blog posting from me. Hopefully others will read this and decide that they should ignore BlogRush as well. It is not worth trying to fit into anyones popularity contest.

Update: No surprise here, a number of people have already written similar articles deploring the abysmal state of this service. #1. #2.
#3. #4.

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